Stories of life and food, out EXPO signed San Patrignano. Back to the Squisito brand! to promote the culture of nutrition

6 events dedicated to the social value of good food. It begins Tuesday, may 5th

Food as an opportunity to learn about people, places and cultures. The San Patrignano Community, which always looks at food as an important tool for recovery, education and liberation, has outlined a multi-voice project that will investigate the EXPO theme "feeding the planet, energy for life" through a series of six meetings entitled “Stories of food and life”.

The six appointments, supported by the Foundation Banca del Monte di Lombardia, are designed under the aegis of squisito! (exquisite): Yesterday’s event devised by the community is but a precursor to our unbridled passion for food, now back with a new version of our quality brand synonimous with shared passions for good food and social issues. With this cycle of meetings San Patrignano intends to give its imprint and reflections on the theme proposed by EXPO opportunities for discussions and debate, the sharing of ideas and lifestyles, sensory experiences and above all educational.

“San Patrignano’s committment to biodiversity and support of social issues imprinted in its line of products has inspired this series of meetings”, explains Mario Vigo, founder and President of Innovagri, an association founded by a group of innovative farmers who decided to combine their skills and put at the disposal of the entire agricultural sector – “we believe that a sustainable growth path in agriculture cannot prescind from a global approach, able to communicate with different players; for this we have developed a program in which food becomes the vehicle of ethical values and good practices, from nutrition to the products themselves, without neglecting high moments such as our kitchen cooking show”.

We'll start Tuesday the 5th of may at 16.30 in the Martini lounge at the TuttoFood fair in Milan with "The recipe for a collaborative life. A model using supply chain, involvement and a sharing economy", a debate conducted by Alessandro Cecchi Paone which will be attended by Letizia Moratti, co-founder of the San Patrignano foundation, Diana Bracco, Chairman EXPO, Piero Prenna, agribusiness manager of San Patrignano, Richard China, director strategic relations for Bioversity, Riccardo Bonacina, Editorial Director Vita and Marta Mainieri, digital marketing consultant and expert on a sharing economy.

“Food in San Patrignano is an essential element in the educational growth program that we offer," explains Piero Prenna – “Many boys through food have first become men and then working professionals. What they learn in San Patrignano, in the cantina, as butchers, bakings, to the dairy or directly into the kitchen, allows for them an effective reintegration in society by transforming this moment into concrete opportunities and on to economic autonomy”.

All events will be free admission and are organized by the residents of San Patrignano from the design to the detailed planning of individual events. The initiative is linked to the promotion of the communities unique handcrafted products coming explicitly from our training workshops which will also be available for tasting.
In conjunction with this series "stories about food and life" there’s also a "limited edition" kit whose sales will help sustain San Patrignano, which has always operated as a completely free of charge long term rehabilitation community.

Here are the meeting time, dates and subject matter:

May 5th, 2015, at 18.30, TuttoFood Fair, Martini Room –EXPO Milan, Rho
“The recipe for a collaborative life. A model using supply chain, involvement and a sharing economy”
Moderator: Alessandro Cecchi Paone
Speakers: Diana Bracco, Chairman Expo; Letizia Moratti, co-founder San Patrignano Foundation; Antonio Boschini, head of therapeutic treatment of San Patrignano; Richard China, director strategic relations for Bioversity; Riccardo Bonacina, Editorial Director Vita and Marta Mainieri, digital marketing consultant and expert on a sharing economy.

June 9th, 2015, at 18.30, Accademia del Panino Giusto, via Pompeo Leoni 2-Milan
"Wine and Design: Art and Wine Bar. Wine stories: tasting, reading and recounting"
Moderator: Luciano Ferraro, Corriere della Sera.
Speakers: Bedy Moratti, Artist; Riccardo Cotarella, Winemaker, Maurizio Riva, entrepreneur-themed theatrical reading. Piccolo teatro di Milano – Compagnia teatrale San Patrignano
A small viewing of items in the collection "Barrique, the third life of wood"

July 8th, 2015, Società Agricola Folli, Robbiano di Mediglia-Milan
“Breads of the World. The ethical value of agriculture”
Moderator: Roberto Lotti, Il Sole 24 Ore
Speakers: Maurizio Martina; Italian minister of agriculture food and forestry policies; Carlo Fadda, Bioversity International. Lorenzo Luciani, San Patrignano; Mario Vigo, Producer, President INNOVAGRI; Michele Carruba, medical nutritionist; Gianmarco Bianchi, San Patrignano

August 5, 2015, at 18.30, the Ambrosiana art gallery-Piazza XI, 2 Milan
“We are what we eat. Healthy lifestyles, perspectives and comparisons”
Introductory reading: Bacco e Igea, the Wolf and the butterfly
Introductory address: Monsignor Buzzi
Moderator: Nicoletta Carbone, Radio 24
Speakers: Beatrice Lorenzin, Minister of health; Mario Vigo, Producer, President INNOVAGRI; Luca Barilla, Entrepreneur; Evelina Flachi, Nutritionist; Anna Giuliani, President Solgar Italia Multinutrient Spa; Roberto Bezzi, manager dairy San Patrignano; Carlton Myers, Athlete

September 10, 2015, at 18.30, Iper Portello, via Don Luigi Palazzolo, 20-Milan
“Tasting Workshop. The last taste challenge”
Introductory speach: Marco Brunelli, President and founder of Iper, two great teams of residents of San Patrignano and led by chefs Davide Oldani and Andrea Berton, they are tested on the stove and judged by the great master Gualtiero Marchesi
Guide: Davide Paolini, The Gastronome, journalist and radio host Radio24

October 23rd 2015, at 18.30, Showroom Boffi, via Solferino 11 – Milan
“Sweets Expo. Bakery and pastries of San Patrignano”
Ornella Galimberti, head of the San Patrignano Bakery
Testimonies of the boys of the community
In collaboration with Gianluca Franzoni of DOMORI and pastry chef Manuel Ferrari of Villa Serbelloni, the residents will create a cake dedicated to EXPO 2015
Final reflections on the EXPO
Moderator: Michele Lupi Director Icon and Flair
speakers: Claudio Artusi, AD Expoincittà; Giuseppe Sala, AD Expo, Letizia Moratti, co-founder Foundation San Patrignano; Giuseppe Castiglione, Undersecretary of State for agriculture and forestry.

San Patrignano

San Patrignano is a House, a large family that offers help to young people with problems of drug addiction and marginalization. Founded in 1978 by Vincenzo Muccioli, it has welcomed more than 25,000 people by giving them a home, health care, legal assistance, and opportunity to study or master a profession, changing their lives and returning them to being productive members of society. All for free, without charging the State nor their families. In San Patrignano there is actually 1322 residents, it is a model of social enterprise, conquered by the hardwork, personal sacrifice and will of thousands of guys and girls who have rediscovered dignity and respect for themselves mhile here. San Patrignano gives every resident the opportunity to choose, among the various possibilities of training, the closest to their attitudes and likes. The path to recovery of their dignity, in fact, also passes through the recognition of the value of beauty and quality as expressions of commitment.